Monica's Message

What's Really Holding You Back?

I pose this question to all who maybe in that difficult place of feeling defeat, taken advantage of, undervalued by family and friends. Or even bosses and co-workers. If you're feeling perplexed and pressured in any way, or overwhelmed by your circumstances, and over worked. Discouraged by the uncertainty of your future. If you find your self feeling constantly sad, angry, or ready to quit or give up.

And others here maybe afraid of moving forward in order to fulfill their purpose in life. Or to accomplish their goals, dreams and desires.

There are many who've been deeply hurt sexually, mentally, physically and emotionally. If you've experienced the mistreatment by a spouse or a companion or if you've been abused in any way.

Well This Message Is For You . . .

You've got to "Let It Go." Stop placing limitations on what you can and can't do. Stop holding you back and getting in your own way. Stop placing obstacles in your own path. Stop allowing negative thoughts to rule your mind and hinder your judgment. Decide today that you will commit to take charge of your life , pursue your goals and your interest. Start chasing down your dreams, so that you can begin to discover hidden talents you never knew exist. So that you can embrace ''CHANGE'' and total wellness and wellness will embrace you. Learn to give you the gift of YOU, and believe me it's the greatest gift of all.

Take Your Life Back, Stop settling for mediocrity when you know you can have all that life has to offer. Let's learn to be like King David who learned to encourage him self in the things of his heart. Stop looking for others or other sources to give you the clarity or the confirmation that can only be derived within. We are equipped for work and success. And as we learn to Inspire ourselves we can be an Inspiration to others. Be the passion in Passionate. And seek all things through an open mind.

When you honor yourself you take care of yourself, When you take care of yourself, you give to yourself , when you give to yourself you "LOVE YOURSELF."   You might not be able to regain the past, but you can definitely look towards the future. And with anticipation for what is to come. Your latter years will be far Greater, then your Former. No matter how big or small, pressing and demanding your concerns....... maybe,

You Are A Diamond In The Rough . . .