Dawn Blanchard
I have been the victim of Domestic Abuse in the past..Now as I regain who I am I am Winner at Surviving....

My words give me the strength one word at a time...

A piece I wrote about my trials and tribulations...and Victory at the hands of Domestic Abuse...

Poetry, my life
My words my battleground
My mind the hidden place for the sound
Sound of the voice that once was not heard
Silent trying to fight to make the slightest whisper
Whispering the past the present and begging to see the future
Abuse as it is sometimes called
Back then it was not spoken only experienced
Experienced and felt like a broken record
Lasting as the years past by
From bruises to blackened eyes
The pain that disappeared only to show itself once again
Slowly the pain crept back in
First with the apologies so sincere
Then it became second nature
Second nature to whom the punishment came from
As the sun began to shine on the situation
My life a calculated equation
It was now time to end it all
End the violence never to experience again
Damn that lasted only for so long
Years have past and now a new and improved version has appeared
Rearing its ugly head in the form of my knight in shining armor
Armor of hate armor of pain
How can this be happening once again?
Enough is enough I finally say and now its time to get away
I walk away with nothing but my pride
The most precious of all
Enough left for me to stand tall
Damn a little bit of sunshine and the darkness returns
I�ve had enough and the last of the darkness never to return
I decided, took control, a grip of the steering wheel
Bound and determined to be in control of how I feel
As the light shines, I know it gets cloudy with a chance of rain
But never again, will I lay down give up, I will remain
Remain at the top of my game
Shedding all past shame
See I am my friend when all else fails
I will survive to finish the tale
My life my poetry my battleground of dreams

Deep Rivers
Silence is Not golden SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD end the Silence on Domestic Violence
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