Jenn Laws
I wrote this poem for myself and everytime I say it I get chills all over my body. I am a survivor!!! 

I remember when it first begin
And you said he only pushes me around during arguments
I told you to leave then ... but you didn't
You said but he respects me in the streets
And he lets everyone know that Im his Queen
And he only acts like that when I make him upset
And a real man is supposed to know how to keep his women in check
I asked you then what kind of twisted thinking was that
And what happened to your own self respect
Then you thought it was cute when he checked your cell phone
And simply told him stop acting jealous when he told you what time to be home
I told you then you should have let him know that you were grown
But its not your fault that you can't see what a real man is supposed to be
Because in every relationship you're still searching for your daddy
Sacrificing your own self pride just to take him along for a free ride
And even tho I saw you less and less my friend I could still feel your overbearing stress
Not coming around for weeks at a time
I tried to turn a blind eye to your black eye but I couldn't
And begged you over and over to just leave
Sometimes you would but you would never stay you always went back within a few days
And everytime you went back my friend the harder I prayed
You said its because he loves and needs me in a way that nobody ever did
He said if you didn't come back then he can't live
I told you right then he could have just died
It was like you were in a trance and believed all his lies
there you go with those blinders on again
Forgetting that I was your friend from way back when
We laughed together, cried together almost died together
We had each others backs, covered each others tracks
I've been your baby's dad and you've been mine
Now I'm sitting here about to cry
Trying to figure out how and why I have to say goodbye
To my good friend gone way before her time

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