Kisha Ward
My name is Kisha Ward, I am a survivor of Domestic Violence. For 3 years I was controlled, hit, intimidated pretty much on a regular basis.
On April 2,2004 I was shot in the neck & paralyed by my ex-boyfriend while picking up my daughters from his house. I was only trying to continue my life after leaving him. Everyday is a constant reminder of how horrible he was to me & how easy you can get trapped & charmed into an unsafe & sometimes deadly situation.

I was hit in the head & nose until it bled, punched, slapped, body slammed, (until I couldn't breathe) forced into sex, threatened with a bat, pistol whipped. He made me feel like everything besides a woman he stalked he never made anything easy for me. I was told I was stupid, a whore, no one would ever want me, I'd never be safe without him & that sticks in your mind like nothing else because you begin to believe it. AND the apologies that always followed with charm.  The intimidating feeling of cant, wont, never could be strong enough to leave. I called the police sometimes but never followed through with any charges because of the feeling of being trapped & afraid & not strong enough to go that extra mile to secure mine & my daughters lives. I tried fighting back in every since of the word. I finally had enough but he still had one last plan for me, nearly took my life leaving it altered forever.

I survived with my life but unable to walk again. Imagine after constantly getting hit trying to defend yourself & after you leave your still fighting to get outta bed everyday.  I REGRET... NOT BEING STRONG ENOUGH TO LEAVE THE FIRST TIME!

I was guilt ridden for a very long time & depressed for two years. NEVER did I ever imagine the allowing the continuence of abuse & failing to notice the warning signs could nearly KILLED me. I wasnt IMMUNE & neither are YOU!

I live my life as a Quadraplegic raising two young daughters. Although, life has dealt me some pretty upsetting dealings I have used my voice & life experience to spread awareness on the affects Domestic Violence has on a person's life & those around them.

Love is patience, love is kind, and it is not violent or intimidating. Together we can SPEAK UP & STAND UP against this silent epidemic plaguing our communties. Say NO MORE will you sit around &pretend its not your buisness.Its all our buisness when families are being destroyed & dropping off like a deadly disease.It can happen to you,wouldn't you want to help or someone gude you to safety &begin to build your life?

I'm on Facebook @ Please Dont Silence Domestic Violence & Twitter #lifewithnoabuse

Silence is Not golden SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD end the Silence on Domestic Violence
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