Liz Kinser
A story book high school romance,huge wedding and a small town all believed we were the perfect one knows what goes on at home.He would come home and blow up because he didn't like what I cooked for dinner throw things at the wall while me and the children sat paralyzed in fear,then he would sit angry in his chair and we would all walk around on eggs shells,first a shove,then a choke,mental abuse ...he threatened me of taking my children,my home my life...well he took them all ..and I walked away alive and I am 1 proud survivor,i still dream of the last beating clawing for the door trying to get free the look in his eyes...and then in court he mouthed I Love You,love is not supposed to hurt,in this month of Domestic Violence awareness,there is some way out and there are people who love and believe you...EMPOWER YOURSELF and take the power away from your abuser.
Liz Kinser
Silence is Not golden SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD end the Silence on Domestic Violence
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