Lynne Walker
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Mother, grandmother, actress, singer, songwriter, playwriter, President of SATIN DOLL PRODUCTIONZ and Vice President of 906multimedia. Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Hot Flashes, not a menopause thang!

SATIN DOLL aka Lynne Walker, is the President of SATIN DOLL Production Company, which specializes in the production of stage plays for children, teens and adults; and the Editor-in-Chief of Hot Flashes, not a menopause thang, a magazine for mature adults. SATIN DOLL is also the Vice President of “906multimedia”;
a Publishing and Production Company.

SATIN DOLL was born and raised in the West Philadelphia section of the city and graduated from Overbrook High School.

She is the proud mother of two and the grandmother of 5. After raising her family, SATIN DOLL decided that it was time for her to go after her lifelong dream of acting, singing and writing stage plays. SATIN DOLL has directed, produced and performed in two of her Full-length plays. "I Know God Hears My Prayers”, in December 2003 and "The Visitor; A Day in the Life of Ridiculous", in May, 2007. She is now working on a new play, "When I die, it won't be from a broken heart", due out in Summer, 2010; and a 2 novels, "Bruised but not Broken", and "Who Am I".

SATIN DOLL is also a songwriter; her CD, “Lynne, Music with a different style”, featuring RL Bell, was released in August, 2007, and she hopes to start production on a 2nd CD.

Last year, SATIN DOLL got to live her dream of acting; she was an extra in the movie, “Cover”, with Vivica Fox and Aunjanue Ellis, a Bill Dukes film; which was released in theaters, on February 22, 2007. In early December, 2007 she played the lead role for a movie, “Stripped”, a Hezekiah Lewis film; and in late December, 2007, she played an extra, as a reporter, in the “Lionsgate Production”, made for Lifetime Movie Network TV Pilot, “The Verdict” a Mark Piznarski, starring Robin Givens and Madchen Amick. In January, 2009, SATIN DOLL played a reporter in F. Gary Gray’s movie, “Law Abiding Citizen, starring Jamie Foxx.

I was a featured artist at Club Damani’s on June 6, 2008.
SATIN DOLL is a member of the “Stop the Violence, Stop the Madness Community Group in Philadelphia, and the creator of the “Toy Gun Drop”.