Monica Daye
Stand Up Speak Out

They told me love is beautiful
I say love can be dangerous
When battered women
Sit in home made prisons
Convicted on indefinite sentences
...Afraid to walk away and escape
Trying to hold on to her faith
When her faith
Has become little to none
Living in a daily walk of fear
Knowing the one that she loves
Can’t take her last breath
At any given moment
So she keeps quiet
Hiding behind
Mocha bronze, mahogany brown, and ivory
She covers
Black, blue and purple bruises
Under long sleeve clothing
Her self-esteem
She’s no longer holding
Because he buried long time ago in the dirt
She no longer recognizes her worth
Looking in mirrors
But she doesn’t recognize herself
She cries
Knowing deep down inside she needs help
But crying out for help
Could leave her and her children to their deaths
So she stays
Praying God would rescue her
From this living hell
She screams and yells
Because her flesh is burning
From the cigarettes
He decided to put out
On her skin
She’s looking through black eyes
But she can’t see her pathway out of this

By: Monica Daye

Silence is Not golden SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD end the Silence on Domestic Violence
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