Shawnda Rouse
Jesus, Jehovah!!! (This is a poem to encourage Faith)

Iam serious about my God my dear he's allowed me to talk to you
To give this Heavenly testimony and give His Glory where it's due.

Through beatings and drugs He promised me that in time he'll rescue me
Oh how I thank you Father God for eventually setting me free

A story in short I'll move to relive to assure you that He is the one
For if not for God Id be in hell -my soul surely damned and done

A frigid cold man fits the bill in describing his abuse and hate
Broken bones, lost vision for many more hits could I take

One night my Lord called for me and I desperately arose to his word
No one in sight but valid instructions to get dressed is what I first heard

Pack no clothes just get your purse grab it and run out the door.
Scared to death I stopped steadfastly to assure I still heard the cold man snore

I questioned my Lord as to where to go but yet was lead with ease.
I waved down a cab to take me to the train station on 4th and Montgomery Street

I opened my purse and there was cash and as I turned to pay him his fare.
The car slowly rose, then crumbled like paper, and vanished in the air.

Before I could make since of the issue the train I needed arrived
No ticket was ever asked from me so directions I did abide

I sat down quickly as I was told by a sweet voice that had no face
His body was turned away from me and he moved from place to place

Amazed at what I was experiencing and living I knew I was safe from harm
And I had time to relive when I met that cold man and how he won me with his charm

And how he promised to love me forever and never let me go
And soon after I married and gave up my life he'd call me his dirty ho

I soon began to cry as my heart relived my close hell ridden past
Every bone in my body at one time was broken -12 months in a body cast!!

God shook me and said to me sternly Wake up my child your free as a bird right now,
Look in your purse look at your life you've passed your test with a vow

You made a promise to me in marriage that you�d never leave your spouse,
And no matter what he does to you, you�d die before leaving your house
You've obeyed the laws of love my dear way beyond what others would do.
The abuse you took in stride was overbearing -simply enhanced my love for you.

I took you out of there my sweet �to have and keep for myself
To live among my angels in heaven -eternal life enriched with love and great wealth

I have a mansion specially built for you made of the finest diamonds and gold.
Each child you lost will greet your spirit watch your new life gently unfold

As my God spoke to me I saw and watched as my reflection in the window fade
And the train seemed to float amongst the clouds like being emerged within a glade.

I felt a sense of ease and prosperity as my mind began to change course
Luminous colors of silver and gold replaced sadness and remorse

My hands were no more and the same for the train and the man that was aboard with me
A command to fly came to mind as my wings followed behind The Beautiful Thee.

You really saved me God I am in total awe and bestowed with your Love & Grace!!! Glory to my Father Hallelujah Jesus--my life has found its resting place!! 
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