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Christina A. Steele
Executive Director 
Monica Steele-Taylor
Executive Director
Lancaster Pa. Chapter
Edward H. D. Nesbit
Assist. Director
Edward H.D. Nesbit is the Assistant Director for our Lancaster Chapter of Silent Tears DV Foundation. He was born in Trenton, NJ. He is the only child in his family. In his free time he enjoys playing piano, volunteering and working on various projects in Lancaster County, PA. Domestic violence hits close to home for him and his mother. From a very young age Edward witnessed  daily abuse of his mother by his father. He also was in a violent relationship in his late teens. They lived shelter to shelter before moving to Lancaster, Pa to start a new life.  Edward wants to help other people who are affected by domestic violence. When asked why he wanted to be a part of Silent Tears DV Foundation his response “ When we moved to Lancaster, Pa I didn’t have anyone to talk to that really understood & experienced the abuse, if I can help one person who may feel alone and to let them know there is help & hope I've accomplished 1 mission".

                                                “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future
                                                                    -Robert H. Schuller

Amanda Kimmich, 25 yrs old.   Amanda graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College in 2012 with an Associate's Degree in Arts of Criminal Justice. Now, currently attending Central Pennsylvania College obtaining her BA in Criminal Justice Administration while employed at a financial institution.  In her spear time Amanda spreads the awareness of DV & tending to her native culture by attending to  pow wows.  Amanda's involvement with Silent Tears DV Foundation began December 2014,  allowing her the opportunity to express commitment & passion in providing help to those in DV relationships & many survivors.   Amanda loves what she does, being a strong woman, a mother, and a survivor. " When I hear surviving DV testimonials , this motivate and encourages me through  participation to accomplish & achieve goals set with Silent Tears DV Foundation".

Monica Steele-Taylor was born in Brooklyn, New York. Monica is the Oldest of 5 sisters.  Camden, NJ became her residence at 8yrs old. Burlington County is now her home for the past 15 years.  At the age of 18 and through age 23 being a young mother has experienced Domestic Violence on a level beyond imagination.  Monica finally got the strength to leave the toxic relationship for that quality of life was not good for her or her child.   Monica made a vow to never engage another relationship that encourages any type of abuse(physical, mental, emotional or financial).  She is now married to the most loving, caring & nurturing man for the past 19 years.

Along with extensive Domestic Violence training & resources, Monica strives to in anyway shape or form provide help, guidance & resources to those experiencing or have experienced Domestic Violence through self esteem workshops, seminars & spreading awareness.  This is the birth of Silent Tears.

                                                       Somoeone  In Life  Entraped  Never  Talks
                                                          Tell  Everyone  And Reap  Satisfaction 

Christina A. Steele has been actively involved in the evolution and vision of Silent Tears. D V Foundation.  Christina was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Camden, NJ.  The second child of 5 .  She is a mother of one son,who has seen it, lived it and walked in the shoes of Domestic Violence from childhood to her own personal experiences.  Christina is an advocate for Humanity.   She has over 11 years of working in serving individuals in the Financial field to now for the last 6 years in the Healthcare field.  Christina’s motto is “Do not allow yourself to live and walk in fear because you then accept the change and break through in your life to begin”.  A virtuous woman who is making a difference by devoting her time to helping women, men and children of Domestic Violence.
Ashlea E. Evans
Ashlea E. Evans is the Director of our Lancaster Chapter of Silent Tears DV Foundation. Ashlea was born in Berwick, Pa . She is the oldest of two children. In her free time Ashlea enjoys writing creative & motivational papers on life and spreading the word about domestic violence. Domestic violence has had a huge impact on Ashlea’s life. Ashlea was in violent relationship both physical and mental. Descending dark moments  in her life, with therapy and support from family & friend help bring her back to surface. . With that being said, this is why Ahslea's so passionate about this foundation. Ashlea wants to ensure that anyone going through a domestic violence relationship has someone to be there for support, guidance & helping them transition successfully back to daily life routine. When asked why she wants to be a part of Silent Tears DV her reply: “I want DV victims to know they have a support system and help bring awareness to domestic violence.”

                                 “I can be changed by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it
                                                                     -Dr. Maya Angelou-

Amanda Kimmich
Outreach Director
Diana L. Nesbit
Diana Lucille Nesbit born 1959, San Francisco, CA.  In 1965 her father was transferred to Fort Dix, NJ.  He retired in 1971 and reside in Pemberton, NJ.  Diana was taught at an early age by her father the importance of giving to those in need.  1995, her son a year old, Diana learned the terrible truth about domestic violence relationship with her son's father.  Diana escaped & relocated for 10 years, finding her and attempting to take her life.  Diana began educating herself about domestic violence and researching available information that would help provide a better quality of life for herself and her son.  As a DV survivor,  Diana wants women, children and men to know that escaping a domestic violent life style can be done,  the cycle can and will be broken.   Diana has done many great things to help others such as feed the hungry, given clothes, blankets and volunteered for many good causes however she truly believes this is her calling and has so much more to offer. "I understand every side of this epidemic from being raised to believe a man is needed in a woman's life to survive to to men being abused by women.  Unfortunately people don't seem to understand the impact domestic violence has on our children.  It was the look in my son's eye the day his father attempt to take my life that made me realize this was a deeply rooted  problem his had.  With every effort I had to protect myself and my son.  So... I've become aware and I survived!!!!!!!"  Diana has a Associate's in Accounting and a Associate' s in professional communications.    .