Clara A. Colon
My name is Clara A. Colon of NJ. I have been abused and tortured by a law enforcement officer for 13  yrs. Until recently, the justice /legal system of my county the United States has failed me, he attacked me with the intent of really harming me this last time. He was going to murder me, and make it look like a suicide.  I know that because for over a decade this is all I heard from this man, if I ever tried to leave, I was beaten to a point of just bleeding.  After so many years my only escape was to have a little part of my mind were I escape from the pain and suffering, my little perfect world. Just imagine being raped after 2 weeks after a C-section, and not being able to tell anyone, that was me, or having him rape me with household objects, and once again not being able to seek medical attention. Two broken noses, ribs and 5 miscarriages almost 6, thank god my daughter kaitlyn survived all the abuse . I have her today she is a miracle baby and love of my life as well as my 12 year old daughter Brittany. She has endured mental abuse from her own father, all she wanted was a normal father and not the monster she as only seen since birth.  He has never loved her nor ever wanted kaitlyn, and I was just the woman he married and his punching bag for letting his frustration out. My plea for help has been ignored with every government dept. in the state of New Jersey.  Some one explain to me, DO I HAVE ANY RIGHTS as a victim of torture and abuse, or its it that the law enforcement officer is above the law, and could do harm to his family without any criminal punishment. Well, people.  I am living proof that the band of blue brotherhood and keepers of the badge are a real problem and there is NO resolution for the victim. His assault charges were down grade because the police report from my wonderful police dept. in Stafford township , NJ . what I told the responding officer at headquarters mysteriously changed actual incident in my house to a typedless violent report.  And since the evidence was minimal because of police report, the municipal prosecutor couldn�t trial him in court for assault charges. I had two temporary restraining orders on this man, and both times, I was intimidate to seek nothing, because it would hurt his career. What is wrong with this picture? What about me, I have been victimized to a point that im live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in fear and with trauma. Have you ever had a gun press against your head with some yelling let me pull the trigger you worthless piece of shit. Well I live this trauma every day, I sleep 2 to three hours a day maybe, some days I can't sleep.  This is my fear, reliving every ABUSE, RAPE AND TORTURE like a horrible film in my mind.  With no help in site, because there is no miracle pill to erase my trauma.  With all that said , please read the letters I have been sending seeking justice, which I know end up in their trash cans.

Silence is Not golden SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD end the Silence on Domestic Violence
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